Charlie (No longer at Stud)

Charlie is 7. He came to us at 2 and a half as a rescue from a puppy mill near Goulburn pretending to be a family who were selling their dog. He was malnourished, anxious and traumatised, once we saw him we realised that they were lying however we could not leave him there one day longer, so we took him anyway. However with a good 6 months of love and nurturing he completely turned around to his true nature. He is loving, obsessed by cuddles, humble and gentle. He is full of love and quirkiness. He is by far the best behaved doggy we have and we absolutely adore him. He sleeps in our room cuddled up next to me. He is also a doting father, spending time and nurturing his puppies, truly a hands on father! He is also a caring lover, always kissing his dates ear before and after sex lol. You could not want for a better doggy daddy or stud dog for your girl.

Charlie has fathered many litters for us, and multiple litters for other families since he came to us at 5 years ago.

Charlie is now our pet predominantly and hardly studs.

charlie on red lounge.jpg
charlie portrate blue tie.jpg
charlie sitting portrate at groomer.jpg
charlie close up.jpg
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