We have had a litter April 2020.

We have a full wait list for our upcoming pups. Please fill out an EOI form to be send further information about going on our wait list for future litters. Due to the Corona Virus there has been a huge amount of interest so please fill out the form and be patient, I will send you info as soon as I can in order of receipt.

Please look below for our plans for 2020

Litter 1 - EADIE and CHARLIE

Eadie our F1 white/cream girl and our standard poodle Charlie. We had one baby standard F1b pup by C-section. This will be her 5th and last litter. You can see their previous litters on this site.

Litter 2 - RIVER and BRUNO

River our 3 1/2 yo F1b white/cream girl had 9 babies to our standard groodle Bruno. We had standard F2b pups which are a combo of apricot and cream pups with coats ranging from straight to wavy. This will was her 3rd litter. She won't be having any more until next year at this point.

You can see their previous litters on this site.

Planned Litter 3 (Gertie and Bruno)


Gertie a F1 gorgeous standard cream groodle girl (classic groodle look) with Bruno, my standard F1 red groodle. It will be under a temp foster arrangement for which I have received guidance from AAPDB (my registering organisation). They want a pup out of the arrangement and I will be doing the rest. They have mated 5 times recently and the outcome will be F2 standard pups, again with coats ranging from white to apricot and straight to wavy. I have DNA tested Gertie and await results. If she is pregnant, she will be due from the 11th of July and pups ready to go home mid september. I already have a wait list for these pups however please feel free to still complete an EOI.

Planned Litter 4 & 5

Our foster pups Maggie and Lily will be coming of age around August, depends when they go into their 2nd season and they are ready. I am hoping to find a red mini poodle and a red standard poodle for those girls. Thus having F1bb curly babies. This can all change but this is my plan.

Plans for 2021

Full extent unknown however:

- River will be having another litter with Bruno in 2021.

- Foster pups will have a litter or two (which ones TBA)

- Bailey our toy poodle red boy will hopefully find a girlfriend.

- We hope to expand our foster program with poodles, groodles, golden retrievers, Cav king charles, cocker spaniel etc. Please fill out a contact form if you are interested in being in our Guardian program.

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