Eadie is now retired from breeding after 4 litters and lives on the end of our bed.


Eadie is 6. We bought her as a pup from a family breeder in Narabeen Sydney. She is the daughter of Apsara, a purebred Golden Retriever and Biscuit, a  chalk coloured purebred English champion Standard Poodle. I was told it was a "love match". She was our first Groodle and we fell in love. Eadie is an F1 Groodle.

Eadie has been genetically tested by Orivet and is clear of all dominant and recessive diseases of the both breeds. A copy of her genetic testing papers come with all her puppies.

Eadie is nurturing and loving with an amazing sense of humour. She mothers every species from puppies to our cats to our children. She is a born mother.

Eadie has had 4 litters and she will be retired and desexed now and just be our pet. However Eadie is River's mum as well as our 3 guardian pups mum so you can be sure that any pups born of her bloodline will be amazing.

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