Expression of Interest & Process

As mentioned on the home page, I manage my waiting list now via Right Paw, a breeders platform for verified breeders only where I can have a separate page for each breed I sell, and each section has a thorough screening tool/form for you to fill out so that I can get to know you more and what your puppy needs are. I encourage you, if you would like to express your interest, click on the below link to the breed of puppy you are after, register with Right Paw, and complete an EOI form. This will make it easy for me to read everyone's story and sort and store applications, much easier than the old email version where things go missing.

This is not the final wait list. What happens then is your form is stored there until I have an upcoming confirmed litter. I will send notifications to all members and you can reply via the platform also. You can remove yourself also if you have found a pup elsewhere. However when a litter is pending I will ask people who are ready to put their hand up and I will move your application over to the interested list, this is only for people who are ready to go. From there I will read all of the interested applications and choose appropriate families to my puppies and invite the top 6 or so to put a $200 final wait list deposit down to be considered for a puppy. This is fully refundable for any reason however it allows me to see who is serious and ready to go so that I can focus on the pups when the come and not on sifting through people who may have found another pup. If I can't place you with the pup you want then I will refund this in full. it is just a show of commitment. Once the pups are born and I know how many we have I will take on more people on this list.

When the pups are out of the critical stage of early days I will start to interview people on the interested list via facetime where you can meet the pups that have been chosen as the most suitable for your requests and needs. It is at this stage that I ask you to make a commitment to a single pup who will be yours and I ask for a 50% deposit by bank deposit. The final payment is due on or before pick up of your puppy.

I hope that this is clear as to the process. The first step however is to click on the below link depending on which pup you are after, register with Right Paw and complete an EOI form. If you are interested in more than one breed then you will need to complete the appropriate form.  If you want to get an idea of which particular potential litter you are interested in also then please go to the PLANNED LITTER page. There are hyperlinks there also to Right Paw.

For Groodle puppies EOI

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For Labradoodle puppies EOI

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For Bordoodle puppies EOI

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