Made from essential oils... Ozz Organic Kwik Mist fragrances are powerful odour neutralisers, with only one or two sprays required at each application. 


Natural ingredients.

Safe and effective when sprayed on or near animal bedding.

Excellent household and car deodorisers.

Wording of this ad adapted from the Ozz Organics website.

Note from Kim - I Have been using this product (the frangipane scent) on my Misty Mountain Groodle pups when they leave to go home to their forever families and I have had constant feedback for over 2 years how amazing it smells. I won't use anything on my pups that I won't use on my kids or myself. Just one bottle of his product has lasted me 2 years.

Ozz Organics Kwik Mist Fragrance - Musk 125ml