River is a standard groodle, she was born of Eadie and Charlie and is 2 1/2 years old (was 2in Jan 2019). She is an F1b groodle. Her name came from my daughters Amy and Caileigh who liked Dr Who and named her after "River Song". She is cheeky and sometimes shy with strangers but very confident with her mum, dad and Bruno, and the entire family, including 2 cats. She has curly ringlet wool (but not as tight as her poodle dad Charlie).

River has had 2 litters.

River has been genetically tested with Orivet for all golden retriever and poodle diseases, and is clear of all conditions.


River is Eadie and Charlie's 3yo daughter. She has had 2 litters to date with Bruno and her next litter in 2020 will be with a stud mini poodle. She is kind and intuitive and a little puppy like still. She is an amazing mum and has been fully DNA cleared of all genetic diseases and traits.

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