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MMG Riley.jpg

Tamara S.  "Riley"  (Eadie/Charlie Litter 1)

We couldn’t be happier with our darling Riley - now 18 months old. He is the most amazing, gentle, loving soul - we simply can’t imagine life without him!
Kim and her family provided Eadie (Riley’s mum) and Charlie (Riley's dad) and her pups with all the love and attention you would never get with a traditional breeder. The pups are so well cared for and individually adored and handled by her gorgeous kids and family. The pups come to you very content and settled, never questioning whether they are loved.
Riley is a healthy and happy boy, who loves cuddles and spending time with us and our 3 kids. Despite his size, he quickly charms everyone he meets! He even gets along well with our neighbour’s cats and our own budgie, who roams freely about the house. 
I would not hesitate to recommend Kim and MMG to any potential Groodle family.
You won’t be disappointed, but beware - you may fall madly in love!
💚 Riley’s (very happy) family 


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Natalie L.  "Monty"

(Eadie/Charlie Litter 2)

Monty has been such a beautiful addition to our family. He is healthy, smart and loving and Kim made his transition to us so easy. We couldn't have asked for a better family dog. Thanks Kim.

MMH Monty 2.jpg
MMH Monty.jpg
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Pauline B.  "Zoe"  (Eadie/Charlie Litter 1)

Meet Zoe! She is confident and clever and so easy to love because of her easy going nature. Dogs are a lot of work and need training and plenty of attention so if you can provide this your reward will be great. Thank you Kim. Zoe brings us great joy and as you know we have needed her to lift our spirits and to keep us going.

MMG Zoe.jpg
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Michelle  "Norman"  (Eadie/Charlie Litter Feb 2019 Blue Mountains NSW)

I have known Kim since her first dog Eadie was a puppy. Her dogs have always been foremost her pets and part of her household. When I decided to get a puppy as part of my household, Kim was the first person I thought of as a breeder. I wanted a puppy as I needed a dog that would blend with the current 2 cats and an older dog. I could not be happier. Kim's transparency as a breeder as well as the kindness and caring she shows to the mother's and their puppies is amazing. She is there for the births and is hands on through to the puppies departure to the new owners. She is extremely particular in knowing the potential new owners and vetting them for acceptability. The puppies are part of her family, just as the parents of the puppies. The nature and disposition of the puppies is shown in the caring and kindness given by the breeder.